About ZAZU
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ZAZU Amsterdam:
stylish knitwear
for women.

Soft, luxurious alpaca clothes, made with love. Effortlessly elegant designs with a fashionable touch… Just a few keywords to describe the artisanal knitwear made by ZAZU Amsterdam. It is difficult to describe the feeling of a sumptuously soft garment made of alpaca or merino wool on your skin, you have to experience it yourself! We invite you to enter the world of ZAZU Amsterdam, in which European sense of style and Ecuadorian craftsmanship are combined.

ZAZU Amsterdam was launched in September 2016 with the support of more than 92 crowdfunders. We create knitwear for women with a good story behind it. Our clothes tell the story of the love and dedication of our artisans and the story of the good circumstances under which the clothes were made. So what are these “good” circumstances? In short, we ensure fair labour conditions and salaries for our artisans and we use eco-friendly wool coming from free-range animals that are treated well by their owners. Read more about how we produce here.

We are of the opinion that everyone deserves to wear clothes that make both the wearer and the maker proud. That is why we are honoured to present you with our first collection, proudly made by our artisans. Become a proud wearer of ZAZU Amsterdam’s garments!

Effortless style, Ecuadorian craftsmanship