Responsible production
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We care about people, animals and the environment and that is reflected in our production process. ZAZU Amsterdam’s collection is produced in an honest, eco-friendly and transparent way. How do we do that?

Responsible and fair production


  • We provide clarity who made your clothes and under which circumstances
  • We monitor all steps in the supply chain to ensure that our garments are produced in an honest and environmental friendly way

Our suppliers

We have carefully selected our suppliers based on their sustainable way of production.

The raw merino wool and (part of) the raw alpaca wool is imported into Ecuador from Peru and Uruguay. Then the wool is spun into yarn by Imbatex (located in Ibarra, Ecuador)a small-size spinning-mill that works in an environmentally responsible way. They use low impact dyes, use solar energy to dry the wool and clean their waste water. Imbatex is continuously improving its production process to make it as innovative and sustainable as possible. Our other supplier of alpaca wool is El Inga Alpaca (located in Cumbaya, Ecuador). They have a herd of more than 1.200 alpaca lamas, which is one of the biggest herds of Ecuador. El Inga alpaca manages the entire production process, from the alpaca husbandry to the processing and spinning of the yarn. Their wool is organic, as no fertilizers or antibiotics are used to treat the animals. The alpacas feed on grass and plants from the paramo. Furthermore, their wool is not treated with any chemical and undyed. This results in beautiful, super-soft wool.

Honest production

  • Our artisans receive a fair wage (5 times market-rate)
  • They have reasonable working hours
  • Safe and healthy place of work, as they work from home (so no dangerous, dusty factory)
  • Made by women, NOT by children

Eco-friendly wool

  • No chemicals are being used in the processing of the wool.
  • We only use low- impact dyes, which are considered eco-friendly because they do not contain toxic chemicals and require less rinsing (hence, less water use during the production process).
  • Our wool comes from free-range alpaca lamas and merino sheep, feeding on grass.
  • Our wool is mulesing-free.

For more information about our wool, click here.