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Stronger and warmer

Alpaca wool is a luxurious natural fiber obtained from the alpaca. The alpaca is a cousin of the llama native to the Andean region of Latin-America. It is an incredibly soft and silky material, often mentioned as the Latin-American version of cashmere. The most important advantages versus sheep wool are:


  • Alpaca wool is stronger and warmer due to its hollow fibers.
  • It is lightweight and resistant to flames.
  • it does not contain lanoline, making it hypoallergenic.


Our alpaca wool is sourced from Ecuador and Peru, from free-range alpacas living in their natural habitat, the South-American Andes. The alpacas are shorn once per year by hand, which is not painful for the animal.


Our cardigans and sweaters are comfortable yet elegant with a clean, feminine silhouette.