our artisans
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Our garments tell the story of the women of the Ecuadorian Andes, who still use ancestral knitting and weaving techniques. They are able to translate our designs into stylish artisanally made garments. Every ZAZU garment bears a ticket with the name of its maker, so you can find easily out who made your clothes!

Our knitters are part of a foundation located in Quito, Ecuador, striving to empower women from unprivileged backgrounds with lupus and diabetes. The foundation offers courses to teach the (often uneducated) women skills they can use to make a better living, like knitting, crochet and production of jewelry. They also receive mental support and practical aid to improve their lives. The women often have young children. Because they cannot afford a good day care, a fulltime job is not an option. Their work for ZAZU Amsterdam enables them to have an extra income.


Our knitters

Doña Imelda

Doña Maria


Doña Rosa