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ZAZU Amsterdam Fashion

Effortless style,
Ecuadorian craftsmanship


Handcrafted knits
for women


Sumptously soft
alpaca wool

ZAZU Amsterdam


ZAZU Amsterdam creates stylish knitwear for women, all handmade in Ecuador. We use silky soft, luxurious wool from the alpaca llama and merino sheep, sustainably sourced in Latin America. We are of the opinion that everyone deserves to wear clothes that make the wearer and the maker proud. That is why we create knitwear with a good story behind it.


Our crowdfunding campaign was a great success!

Thanks to more than 92 crowdfunders we have succesfully funded the production costs of our first collection for women! The items of our first collection ordered by our funders have been delivered and we have received such a great and positive responses! You can still view the crowdfunding campaign on